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About 3D Lenticular

Grayson Marshall provides photography and printing services for high quality 3D lenticular.

Not all 3d is created equal. Much of what is released in movies and in lenticular print is converted from a flat image to simulate a depth effect (referred to as 2 1/2 D) and falls short of a true 3D impact.

For over 30 years Grayson Marshall has been producing volumetric 3D which simulates accurate depth in the print. The result is a stunning lifelike appearance that literally stops viewers in their tracks. This is achieved by photographing the subject from 36 perspectives or rendering from a flexible computer model, or a combination of both photography and computer graphics.

Buzz about the Comic-Con Hobbit 3D lenticular prints
“3D posters are stunning…” Screenrant
“3D awesomeness…” Slashfilm
“Breathtaking 3D portraits… Mustaches that seemed to reach out and grab you.” New York Times
“Clarity of the photos is stunning. And the sense of depth is palpable. Amazing stuff.” The One Ring
“The Hobbit isn’t the first ad campaign to use the technology, but it might be the best executed so far.” Snapily

On average viewers spend as much as five times longer viewing a 3D or flip image lenticular compared to a conventional flat print. When considering the cost of media space and the ability to attract buyers’ attention, lenticular is an obvious choice. The impact of this medium has been proven as an effective marketing tool across a wide spectrum of applications. From concept to completion, we are fulfilling the needs for quality lenticular worldwide. A partial client list by category include:

lenticular movie poster and theater standees
Warner Bros. Entertainment
Paramount Motion Pictures Group
Sony Pictures
Walt Disney Studios
Pixar Animation Studios
Universal Pictures
Fox Entertainment Group
MGM Pictures
Miramax Films
Relativity Media
Lionsgate Entertainment

lenticular theme park displays
Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney World
Disneyland Park
Disneyland Tokyo
Epcot Center

lenticular airport and subway displays
Nissan Motor Company
Suntory Whiskey
Carlsberg Beer
Thailand Authority of Tourism

lenticular point of sale displays
Kirin Beer
Moosehead Beer
Coca- Cola Company
Walt Disney Studio Stores

lenticular bus shelter and public displays
Fox Television
Southwestern Bell Media
Monty Python’s Spamalot Broadway Production

lenticular trade show displays
Hughes Aircraft Company
McDonnell Douglas
Sega Corporation
Novo Nordisk
Ciba Geigy

lenticular museum instillations
Japan Natural History Museum, Gunma
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
George Eastman House Museum of Photography
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

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